Building a Teepee Trellis

Posted on: August 30th, 2011 by Botanical Interests Inc 1 Comment

Structure in the landscape.  In the garden continuum, structure can be a constant with form, beauty and function.  It weathers all four seasons; training, supporting and providing ample space for fruits and blooms to grow at their best.  The traditional teepee trellis is the epitome of this versatile design.  These charming structures provide an effective change in texture and height amongst colorful flower beds and climbing vegetables.

Bringing this structural effect to your own home garden is simple.  Here is an affordable teepee trellis for the garden made from a handful of materials gathered at the hardware store.  With a helper, you can finish this project in one afternoon.  The teepee trellis will support your beans, peas, vines or tomatoes.  You name it and this structure will work for your garden needs.  Plus, should your garden’s winter season be barren, this teepee trellis will help to maintain timeless character and charm until your blooms return.


  • (one) 2″x 2″x 8′ of redwood post (have the hardware store cut this into (four) 1″x 1″x 6′ posts and keep the residual (four) 1″x 1″x 2′ pieces)
  • wood stain
  • paint brush
  • pencil
  • (four) 1-1/2″ finished nails
  • hammer
  • staple gun and staples
  • 100′ sisal rope or sturdy equivalent
  • sturdy scissors
  • small construction level
  • measuring tape


To Begin:

  1. Stain all wood pieces.
  2. With your hands, gather the 6′ posts at the top and spread apart at the bottom.  With the design looking like a teepee, mark with your pencil where all of the sides connect at the top for a general reference.  Tie together loosely to hold.

The Cross Braces:

  1. The next part of the project is creating the “cross braces” made with two of the residual 2′ sections.  This cross support in the middle will add much needed stability to the teepee.  While you hold the teepee at the top, your helper will hold one 2′ section at the mid point of two opposite posts to form the first cross brace.  Make sure your cross brace is level and mark it with a pencil on both sides.
  2. Placing the two 6′ posts on the ground with the 2′ section lined up to the pencil marks on top, hammer in a finished nail on both sides.
  3. Assemble teepee design upright again but this time place a second cross brace on top of the first to form an X in the middle of the teepee.  Level the new cross brace and mark it on the remaining two 6′ posts.
  4. Although tricky, while the teepee is standing hammer in a finished nail on both sides of this cross brace.  If you need a piece of scrap wood to hammer against for support, use it.

The Teepee Top, Middle and Sides:

  1. With the mid-section assembled, repeatedly bind the four 6′ posts with rope close to the top.  Once secure and taught, cut the rope and staple to the wood in several locations.
  2. To secure the cross brace, again repeatedly wrap the rope around their intersection.  Once secure and taught, cut the rope and staple to the wood in several locations.
  3. Lastly for the rope side supports, measure and mark with your pencil 1′ increments along the 6′ sections.
  4. Stapling the rope to start at a marked location, begin to wrap once around each post once.  Staple the rope as the post is wrapped and pull to next post until finished with that level.
  5. Continue with each level till complete and your done.

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  1. pamela johnston says:

    spell-checking didn’t catch it, but your proof-reader should have… ‘taut’ means tight; taught is something hopefully happening in schools. (@1 and 2, teepee top, middle and sides.

    really appreciate the instructions. a great garden project.

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